[FX.php List] Co-Existing FMS9 and FMSA 8?

Head Honcho headhoncho at customikesolutions.com
Sun Nov 16 14:31:10 MST 2008

Hi Jonathan,

On 17/11/2008, at 5:09 AM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I'm currently using a two machines set up with FMSA 8.04, and want  
> to do some testing with FMS9.
<snip />
> Now, I want to run FMS 9 on machine 1 for testing, but I don't want  
> to upset the existing production environment.  I already loaded  
> FMS9...and it works...but it trashed the existing web service by  
> appending the httpd.conf. I quickly undid the appended line and  
> things went back to normal.  For reference, I did not choose to  
> install the API or PHP options.
> The question...can I install the API and get FMS9 fully running  
> while maintaining the existing Entropy PHP set up?

I believe the answer is yes...

When you install the API, the installer script should add these lines  
in your httpd.conf file:

Include '/Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/ 

(this file loads FileMaker's php5_module (/Library/FileMaker Server/ 
Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/libphp5.so)

The paths are different for a Leopard install as Leopard allows the  
use of Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.2

If the similar line is there for the Entropy PHP install, it should be  
commented out.

If you want to go back to your original setup, just comment out the  
include line and restart the web server.

Hope this helps.


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