[FX.php List] Is FMPSA 9 better than 8 for OBDC to mySQL?

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Tue Nov 11 22:06:45 MST 2008

Ah yes. Now it's coming back to me.  This was presented at Devcon, 
but since I had no immediate need, it didn't sink in.

I'll check out ESS.



At 3:12 PM +1100 11/12/08, Head Honcho wrote:
>Hi Jonathan,
>On 12/11/2008, at 12:13 PM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:
>>Looks like I need to sync up a user table in FMP 9 file with a 
>>Joomla CMS system (It uses mySQL).
>>Am using FMPSA 8 and it looks like there is support for mySQL via 
>>ODBC, but support in FMPSA 9 appears to new and improved.
>Not so new, but very much improved.
>There is now direct access to mySQL (and other select SQL servers) 
>through ESS (External SQL Sources, I think).  Table(s) from mySQL 
>can be brought into your relationship graph and used as if they were 
>a FileMaker table(s).
>If you have the correct privileges, there is two way traffic... if 
>you change it in FileMaker it is updated in mySQL and vice versa.
>I haven't played with it a lot, but it is a very cool way of 
>connecting with SQL servers
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