[FX.php List] Uploading Files

John Funk criticalsolution at comcast.net
Tue Nov 11 18:32:38 MST 2008

I created a web site to do just what you are doing, only they are PDFs.
I have a html form send upload the file to  the file server, since I know
the path I am sending it to, I write that path to FileMaker with php/fx.

On the download side, I create a calculation in FileMaker tat is an html
link and use that query result in the html link.
I hope this helps.
John Funk

On 11/11/08 5:52 PM, "William Downs" <william.downs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have a web page that allows users to upload a copy of a word file
> for approval (using html enctype="multipart/form-data" and php
> move_uploaded_file) the file is moved into a sub-directory within the
> project file. The sub directory is named after the unique ID of the
> user.
> After approval by admin staff, the file is then to become available
> for download by the public.
> I am unsure if having the file in a sub directory is the best method.
> I would prefer to have the file entered into a filemaker container
> field - and then after approval make it somehow available.
> Can someone give me some advice here - perhaps explain how to have
> fx.php extract a file from a container file so a web user can download
> it ?
> FM Server 9 being used with IIS (yuk)
> Many thanks in advance
> William
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