[FX.php List] FM Plugin on FileMaker Server 9

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Thanks for responding. The plugin runs an encyption algorithm that takes 
various product and order parameters (version, product ID, order ID, 
etc...) and computed a unique serial number that can be decoded to 
reveal the original product/order parameters. I finally got it working, 
though it's a bit of a work-around. It seems that filemaker plugins are 
used mostly on the client side, not on the server side and i was unable 
to get the plugin working through a server-called script. I finally 
wrote a command-line executable in C++ to mirror the plugins 
functionality and I call that using PHPs native exec() function to 
return the calculated serial. All in all, it's not a bad solution and 
only took me half a day to actually code it. The big problem was the 2 
and a half days it took me to converge on a good solution.

Ah, the joys on multi-platform development.




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