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Dale Bengston dbengston at preservationstudio.com
Wed Oct 31 06:42:22 MDT 2007

Hi Roger,

If you run the field through the php function nl2br() for display, it  
will put them on separate lines. If you would like to display them  
differently, use implode() to break the values into array elements and  
work with them that way.

Details and parameters for nl2br() and implode() are available at http://www.php.net 
  in the function reference.

Hope this helps,

On Oct 31, 2007, at 5:53 AM, Roger Price wrote:

> I am struggling with a 'checkbox' problem!
> The web form passes the values of each box (if checked) and the  
> action page reconstructs them into the format that I believed FMP  
> required i.e. values separated by the line feed character. The  
> resulting construct looks a bit like this:
> $category = 'value1' . chr(10) . 'value2' . chr(10) . 'value3'
> When $category is posted to FMP the value in the array returned by   
> FMEdit() looks like: 'value1value2value3' but in the URL it appears  
> as ...&category=value1%0Avalue2%0Avalue3... and as %0A equates to  
> chr(10) or line feed it is doing what I intended. However the value  
> posted to FMP is: 'value1value2value3'
> I have obviously got something wrong although when I find a field  
> with a multiple values I can replace 'chr(10)' with something else.
> Please can anybody help with this?
> Roger
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