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Roger Price rp272 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 31 04:53:02 MDT 2007

I am struggling with a 'checkbox' problem!

The web form passes the values of each box (if checked) and the action page reconstructs them into the format that I believed FMP required i.e. values separated by the line feed character. The resulting construct looks a bit like this:

$category = 'value1' . chr(10) . 'value2' . chr(10) . 'value3' 

When $category is posted to FMP the value in the array returned by  FMEdit() looks like: 'value1value2value3' but in the URL it appears as ...&category=value1%0Avalue2%0Avalue3... and as %0A equates to chr(10) or line feed it is doing what I intended. However the value posted to FMP is: 'value1value2value3' 

I have obviously got something wrong although when I find a field with a multiple values I can replace 'chr(10)' with something else.

Please can anybody help with this?

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