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Erik Andreas Cayré erik at cayre.dk
Tue Oct 30 16:05:52 MDT 2007

Den 26/10/2007 kl. 17.03 skrev Gjermund Gusland Thorsen:

> Do any of you have a clue to where MacOS X finds the resolution for  
> the different screens?

AFAIK, the Video Card queries the connected display using a protocol  
named DDC.
It's an auto-discovery mechanism, where a video card queries a  
connected display about it's capabilities/properties. This means  
there are probably no files in the OS containing a list of  
resolutions... (I remember connecting an old CRT to a recent Mac, not  
being able to select all resolutions that the display is capable of,  
because the display didn't have DDC support...)

There is probably some system call available to query the OS about  
the properties of the currently connected display(s), and there is  
(?) some way to make system calls from PHP...


Hope this helps...

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