[FX.php List] Leave and come back to same session?

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Fri Oct 26 12:56:53 MDT 2007


There are a couple of PHP.ini session settings that affect session length
that you can check on: http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.session.php

session.cookie_lifetime is set to '0' by default which will make it survive
till the browser closes.  If this is set to anything else the user's cookie
will expire in that number of seconds and effectively end their session.
This setting probably won't be the problem.

session.gc_maxlifetime is set to '1440' by default (30 min).  This value
determines at what age a session can be automatically cleaned up and
effectively ended.  If your off-site processing takes longer than this
amount of time the session may be expiring before the user gets returned to
your site.

Andrew Denman

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Thanks Bob,

Now that I know that it can be done, I'll dig deeper to figure out 
why my first attempt didn't work.



At 12:05 PM -0500 10/26/07, Bob Patin wrote:
>So long as you don't close the browser, the session will survive; I 
>have carts that use other sites for their card-processing, and when 
>the card process is complete, the users return to the client site, 
>where the session is waiting for them on their return.
>For that matter, you can go to a site, start a session, browse all 
>day on other sites, and return to the original site, and the session 
>is going to still be alive unless it was explicitly destroyed  on 
>the client's site.
>Bob Patin

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