[FX.php List] Strange occurrence w/ FMP8 databases

William Downs william.downs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 18:06:31 MDT 2007

Hi Bob,

I had this a few times in FMSA 7 on Mac 10. something -

There are two things to check - I am sure that you have already done
them though - one is "is the file being copied whilst being hosted" ?
and you could also ensure that the said machine does not have file
sharing running !

Apart from that - I can't think of anything else,

Hope that helps to refresh the parts other cups of tea can't reach
(sorry, it's late here)

Kind Regards,


On 10/26/07, Bob Patin <bob at patin.com> wrote:
> I have 4 databases on a server for one of my clients; she called
> yesterday to tell me that 2 of her databases are not allowing her to
> have full access to the files.
> I looked at the files, and they were read-only, even though they'd
> been set up months ago with the proper r/w permissions. The server is
> a Mac, running 10.4.10 with FMSA 8.0v4.
> So I went onto the server and reset the permissions to fmsadmin with
> r/w privileges, and was able to remotely connect and alter the files
> last night.
> She called today, and the problem had changed! This morning, she
> could write to the files, but didn't have full access; it looked like
> a data-entry privilege set--no access to accounts, layout, scripts, etc.
> I finally replaced them with a set from a week ago... haven't heard
> anything since.
> Has anyone heard of a similar occurrence, or had it happen personally?
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