[FX.php List] Anyone here wants to participate in the new release of FX.php?

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Thu Oct 18 11:57:58 MDT 2007

I can take a stab at the iPhone css.


>As the subject says, does anyone here want to participate/contribute
>in the next release of FX.php
>I have been sick, and have not been able to release it when expected
>Oct 5 this year, but the work is still going on, and if anyone wants
>to make CSSs for an automated output, I have two CSSs so far for the
>full size web templates, but would like at least one for each of the
>popular cellular phones; like Nokia Series 60 and 80, and iPhone,
>perhaps Ericsson mobiles too? And maybe also PocketPC...
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Jonathan Schwartz
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