[FX.php List] Even stranger date math...

Troy Meyers tcmeyers at troymeyers.com
Mon Oct 1 10:33:20 MDT 2007


I'm fairly sure it is because your strtotime call didn't have an offset (2nd param) specified, so the current time was used. The "bug" would therefore only show up during a certain time period in each day.

That's why I added the "0" offset in the code I sent.


> It was daylight savings time; when I run it here, 10/4/2007 would  
> always get printed twice. When I take $thetime and add 43200 to it,   to
> make it equal NOON on the given day, it works fine...
> I wonder why it's not producing the same error on your computer;   could
> it be your daylight savings time settings? Mac or PC? I'm on a   Mac...
> at any rate, thanks to Troy's help, the problem is solved...
> Bob

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