[FX.php List] Re: second find request

Someone someone at gagayaya.com
Thu Jun 28 19:30:22 MDT 2007

hi Dale,
I didn't design the database
How about a different example

find customers where
city=Ottawa and country=Canada
city=Madrid and country=Spain

In filemaker we create 2 find request
How's this done in FX.php


> Hi Frank,
> Let's take a step back to what the purpose of this query is. Are you
> retrieving user-selected records? Are you retrieving available seats?
> Perhaps there's a way to retrieve a larger set of records and filter
> for the couple you need, or extract them in some other way.
> Dale
> On Jun 28, 2007, at 4:26 PM, Someone wrote:
>> HI Gjermund,
>> Yes I know Filemaker
>> Another Filemaker developed the Filemaker app
>> Therefore contact table has the following fields
>> Section1 , Row1 ,Seat1
>> Section2 , Row2 ,Seat2
>> I just show you this sql statement hoping to clarify what search I
>> wanted to do
>>>> SQL equivalent
>>>> SELECT * FROM customer WHERE (section1=102 AND row1=12 AND  
>>>> seat1=14)
>>>> OR (section2=102 AND row2=12 AND seat2=14)
>> Just want to have 2 find request with 3 fields search on each request
>> I haven't seen a better way than the calculation method described
>> before
>> ???
>>> It has the possibility to have several values in one field
>>> separated by newline.
>>> $rows = array( 6, 17 );
>>> pseudoFieldRow = implode( "\n", $rows );

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