[FX.php List] Filemaker 7 advanced

Alicia M. Cosenza aliciamc at dso.ufl.edu
Wed Jun 27 10:42:20 MDT 2007

I swear as soon as you ask for help with something you find what you are
looking for...


Alicia Cosenza
Dean of Students Office
University of Florida

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Hello All,

This might be a little off topic so I apologize in advance.

I am trying to install the Filemaker 7 advanced web connector on a new
apache server I set up for testing.  

I can't helpful directions on the filemaker site anywhere.  They make it
sound like all I need to do is install it.  Are there any detailed
directions someone knows of on how to get this going?  

I am also somewhat new to servers as well so maybe I am supposed to
install it in a certain place on the server?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Alicia Cosenza
Dean of Students Office
University of Florida

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