[FX.php List] Advice Needed - Multiple Portal Entries for record

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Wed Jun 13 08:56:41 MDT 2007

When I have to write multiple related records like this, I take all of the
information at once on a form and then loop through the data in PHP writing
them one at a time to FileMaker.  This way the user only has to deal with
one page.

The only drawback I've found is the time this can take.  Depending on how
long it takes in your testing and the load you are expecting, you might want
to have a 'please wait' message.

Andrew Denman

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    I have a FMP data base that I have been working with since FMP 4.  It
was basically a flat file with along the way, very very slowly, making the
change to a fully relational data base.
    I have managed web entry into the data base via FX.PHP and all worked
well this past year.  However, entering records is still set up using
repeating fields for the First and Last Names.  Some records only have ONE
name where others can have up to 20 (for one of my clients) and even more
names are possible with my other client (although more than 30 is not that
common).  About a year ago, I asked a similar question, ggt said forget the
repeating names and go full relational.  I agree but that leads to the


    Because of the limitations of the WPE only allowing One portal entry,
how would you go about handling the situation above without having the
person submit 20 or more times?  Or is that such a big deal to do that,
enter each name one at a time?  Is there a better way of doing this that I
am not thinking of?

    Or would it be better to enter using the repeating fields for first and
last name and then have FM split those out?

    If you want to see the database I can give you a link to download a
solution.  May not be pretty but works for us! But needs to get  better.

    Any and all advice is appreciated and a BIG THANK YOU up front.

Jon Montgomery
Illinois Grade School Music Association
Walking DataBase Solutions

Jon Montgomery
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