[FX.php List] Anyone using XSLT anymore?

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Wed Sep 20 11:51:08 MDT 2006

> Hmm sounds like your client only needs one field pr layout.

No, that won't work. The data needs to be separated by 18-20  
different topics, which are sometimes pulled up separately. The 18-20  
topics also need to be displayed at once as well.

> See if that improves speed, to me the solution sounds silly...

I tried that; the problem is that when I tried to pull up all 20  
pieces of the report, the speed was too slow. The HTML sometimes  
stretches into 3-5 pages of HTML, containing several tables and a  
couple of photos.

I tried everything; I separated the different topics into separate  
layouts, which I use when they do a query for a single topic within  
the whole report. This works great; the speed problem occurs when  
they do a full report, and unfortunately this is the most-used report  
on their site.

I don't find the solution silly at all. It's the same way that I  
always deal with photos in FileMaker; I store the photos externally  
and reference them with a calculated URL field. The problem in this  
case isn't the number of HTML files, it's the problem of maintaining  
a set of a half-million HTML files, all of which have to updated  
several times each year. In this case, my client will never see the  
HTML files; he'll run a single script on the database that'll import  
his data from his local copy, then run the script that'll generate  
the static HTML files. Speed will be excellent, I'll be able to cache  
his site, it'll all be a thing of beauty.

The whole problem is that the data comes from Word documents, and  
there's no way around this. We long ago realized that the easiest  
thing was to convert the Word docs to HTML (which Word does itself),  
run these thru a parser that I wrote in Visual Basic, and then serve  
them up. I'll re-write the VB parser so that it now will generate a  
tab-delimited file, which we'll pull into FileMaker; then FileMaker  
will make the HTML files while it generates a URL for each file so  
that it can include them in PHP pages.

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