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Wed Sep 20 09:42:29 MDT 2006


My earlier suggestion *was* to just set up some kind of caching system.

But since you say you have to maintain the user interface in FMP you  
*really should look into* my suggestion to store HTML in FMP (for  
searching) and a copy of every HTML file in the filesystem (for  
serving with a php include(). Search using FX.php then serve the file  
using a path stored with the HTML data. The trick here is to keep the  
HTML in the database records and the HTML files in sync. i believe  
there is a plugin that can write files for you from field data. a  
simple script every quarter would keep the HTML in sync.

But, if you already have an HTML caching system in place... you can  
try the following. note, i recommend using the above solution rather  
than trying to build an HTML output cache and scripting a query  
sending spider using curl! Scripting a query spider to build a cache  
is not a quick weekend project. It might be fun and interesting, but  
the above architectural solution is better.

forging ahead... i originally suggested using wget (a GUI variant of  
it exists) but, it doesn't smoothly handle form requests.
If you know all of the possible permutations of queries ahead of time  
you can just write a PHP script that uses foreach() and loops through  
and calls curl with every permutation.

I usually use system_exec() to call curl - see the php manual and  
terminal 'man curl' for details on every aspect of it. curl can send  
form elements via POST using the -d switch.

To send form input via POST I've demonstrated the correct syntax by  
using your login page for squirrel mail:

curl "http://webmail.longtermsolutions.com:16080/webmail/src/ 
redirect.php" -d login_username=danFromFXlist -d  
secretkey=supersecretpassword -d js_autodetect_results=0 -d  

in php it would look something like this:
$returned_page = system_exec('curl "http:// 
webmail.longtermsolutions.com:16080/webmail/src/redirect.php" -d  
login_username=danFromFXlist -d secretkey=supersecretpassword -d  
js_autodetect_results=0 -d just_logged_in=1');

if you change these to the correct squirrel mail login and password  
you should get a confirmation login page from your site.


On Sep 20, 2006, at 11:03 AM, Bob Patin wrote:

> No, I never did, and was going to look for the email where you  
> mentioned a caching "spider" that would cache during off-peak  
> hours. Does it have the capacity to run queries on its own?  
> Specifically, is it smart enough to go to an input page, select  
> from a pulldown, and run a query?

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