[FX.php List] Anyone using XSLT anymore?

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Wed Sep 20 09:13:40 MDT 2006

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

When I do the query in FM it's really fast--far less than a second.

> Yes, you're exactly right.  In fact, the 'X' in FX.php stands for  
> XML.  The bottleneck your client is up against is much more likely  
> to be the WPE rather than PHP.  PHP is wicked fast =)  The MySQL  
> caching class (support for which is built into FX.php) would help  
> performance, but I don't know that what they're trying to do is  
> really what FileMaker had in mind for the WPE...  For a speed test,  
> try this: perform the same query that you're attempting via FX.php  
> directly in FileMaker; how long does it take?
> Also, what configuration is your client using on the FM side (1, 2,  
> or 3 machine configuration)?

For my testing I've been using this:

FMSA on a Mac G5 2.0Ghz dual-processor
Mac OS X Server (Tiger) running on a Mac Mini 1.25, which is also  
running the WPE.

Here's my question: since the WPE is on this lowly Mac Mini, would  
moving it to the G5 make things faster? If so, how much faster? I  
know that it's supposed to be best-practice to put the WPE on the  
machine with the web server, but in this instance, is this slowing me  


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