[FX.php List] "previous" and "next" links for large array

Alex Gates alex at gandrpublishing.com
Mon Sep 18 13:03:53 MDT 2006

Hi everyone-

Jonathan has graciously helped me with this question earlier today- and
I appreciate all the help he has given me.  I'm still quite confused
here, so I thought I would turn to all of you for help.
I understand this is not so much a specific fx.php question, but (I
could be wrong) I think it involves enough fx that it would just confuse
people on regular php forums.

I have a page that displays a container image, a chunk of css, email,
web address, and some pricing info.
I have some php code that puts my returned records into a table.
Here is a link:


As you can see, if you hold your mouse over the image, a tooltip of a
larger version will pop up.

However, with IE, these tooltips wont pop up until all the images have
loaded.  I think there are about 93 of them on this page.

(as a side note, this uses a solution that will automatically place
these cookbooks online once they ship- and it will keep them up for 90

I got to thinking that many people are still using dialup, and having
93+ cookbooks on one page is a little much.  In fact, I'd like to
display 9 per page and have "next" and "previous" links.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on the best way to
break this up?

This is what I am using as my query:


    $lookup=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7');
	$lookup->SetDBData('CookbookSale.fp7','ToWeb', 'all');
	$lookup->AddDBParam('Status', 'Online');
	$lookup->AddSortParam('DateOrderShipped', 'descend');
	//echo $foundResult;
	//echo '<br>';
	//echo $lookupResult['errorCode'];

And this is how I am displaying it in the table:

$http = "http://";
$i = 0;

foreach( $lookupResult['data'] as $key => $searchData ){
$booktitle = $searchData['returnreplacesettitle'][0];
$fixedtitle = str_replace("'", "\'", $booktitle);
    if ($i == 0) {
        print "<tr>\n";
    <td width="574" height="186" valign="top" class="phpcontent">    
<center><img src="FX/image_proxy.php?FXimage=<?php echo
vignereEncryptURL($searchData['Cover'][0]); ?>" height="160" border="1"
=true;this.T_TITLE='<?php echo
$fixedtitle;?>';this.T_BORDERCOLOR='#6a7d40';return escape('<img
src=\'FX/image_proxy.php?FXimage=<?php echo
vignereEncryptURL($searchData['Cover'][0]); ?>\'
	echo '<br><center>' . $searchData['CSSWebViewforCSS'][0] .
	if($searchData['setEmail'][0] != "")
	{ echo '<br><center>' .'Email: <br> <a href=mailto:' .
$searchData['setEmail'][0] . '>' . $searchData['setEmail'][0] .
'</a></center>'; }
	if($searchData['setWebAddress'][0] != "")
	{ echo '<br><center>' .'Web: <a href=' . $http .
$searchData['setWebAddress'][0] . '>' . $searchData['setWebAddress'][0]
. '</a></center>'; }
	if($searchData['PriceInfo'][0] != "")
	{ echo '<br><center>' . $searchData['PriceInfo'][0] .

    $i = ($i + 1) % 3;
    if ($i == 0) {
        print "</tr>\n";

I've spent some time searching and reading about arrays, but I'm not
even to the point where I even have an idea of how to start.

Please- can anyone provide some insight?


Alex P. Gates

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