[FX.php List] Display text within a static-sized rectangle (for eventual printing)?

Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Tue Sep 12 20:02:47 MDT 2006

On 13/9/06 11:33 AM, "Joel Shapiro" <jsfmp at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hi Kevin
> I wish I'd thought of using images before I spent time on FPDF
> (though of course that may come in handy some other time...)
> That's a great idea to use Lightbox-type of layering.  I like it.
> Thanks so much,
> -Joel

Just found a link to one of the libraries that handles more than just
images. It's called ThickBox (they're all named after some variation of
Lightbox - I'm using Litebox myself on one site), and can be found here:


It uses jQuery rather than prototype/scriptaculous, and is rather more lean
than the original Lightbox. The linked article also mentions Greybox for
loading more than just images, but I have no experience of that one.

Anyway, plenty of options these days if that's your preferred approach. I
haven't tried any of these techniques yet with FX.php, but I'm about to
begin work on an FM-backed image gallery page that will use them, so we can
compare notes if you like. (Of course, you have the extra complications of
using GD or whatever to generate the images in the first place.)

Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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