[FX.php List] container field

Alex Gates alex at gandrpublishing.com
Mon Sep 11 13:24:01 MDT 2006

Hi everyone-

Could/would anyone do a favor and copy and paste some code that
successfully displays an image from a container field?
I'm struggling here.

This is what I am trying - with no luck


    $lookup=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7');
	$lookup->SetDBData('containertest.fp7','containertest', 'all');
	$lookup->AddDBParam('status', "online");
	foreach( $lookupResult['data'] as $key => $searchData );
	echo '<br>';
	echo $foundResult;
	echo '<br>';
	echo $lookupResult['errorCode'];
	echo '<br>';
<img src="FX/image_proxy.php?FXimage=<? echo
vignereEncryptURL($searchData['cover'][0]) . '>'; ?>

echo $searchData['status'][0];

I have an error code of zero and a found count of 1 (which is correct) -

Is there something with a key that I need to display this image?

Sorry... I know you get this question all the time... it was working
before but not now.. (after a mess of php reinstalls).

Alex P. Gates

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