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Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at eschwartz.com
Thu Sep 7 12:27:48 MDT 2006

So..so far I haven't heard about the ability to get FileMaker to spit 
these items out.

In my present scenario, I have reports formatted in FMP and it would 
be easiest to continue to use that formatting if FMP could be coaxed 
to do it.

Thinking out loud....

I know that FMPServer can't print and export data on its own, so then 
FMSA can't do it either.

Choices remaining are:

1) User employs FileMaker client to print/export. (Easy/Requires FMP)
2) Satellite robot copy of FMP constantly polls Server for 
print/export requests. (Requires separate machine and resources)
3) Rewrite print and export routines in php, effectively reducing the 
need for FileMaker.

Do I have this right?



Jonathan Schwartz
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