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You'll need the recid of the page you want to edit - 
On your FileMaker layout, create a calculation field that is
Get(RecordID) http://www.filemaker.com/help/FunctionsRef-251.html

Before you move to the second page, you'll first need to find the record
you just created.  Bring back the record ID, make it a session variable,
and use it on the following pages as the parameter in your edit.

Your edit will look something like this:

$edit=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7');
	$edit->AddDBParam('-recid', $recid);
	$edit->AddDBParam('AdditionalField1', $additionalfield1);
	$edit->AddDBParam('AdditionalField2', $additionalfield2);
//(and so on)

The Ultimate Guide to FileMaker and PHP is a really great resource -
page 152 walks you through a wonderful example.


I hope this helps - - I didn't go step by step through everything, but
the Ultimate Guide does - - I've used it a lot and I find it very

If anyone has anything to add that I have forgotten, please do so.
I'm still trying to get my feet wet with this stuff, but I like to try
to help whenever I can...

Alex P. Gates
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Ok I have a form that asks a user for their name etc, when they press 
submit it adds the details to a new record however, I would like to have

another form on the next page that allows them to add more to the

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