[FX.php List] Plug-in's and Web Server Advanced

Dale Bengston dbengston at preservationstudio.com
Fri Sep 1 08:28:40 MDT 2006

One approach you could take would be to have an "empty" FileMaker  
file (no data or tables) that is accessible to the web, and now web  
access to your main solution files. Then make TOs in the empty, web- 
only file to your main file(s), using the web-accessible file as a  
filter for what can get served to the web.


On Sep 1, 2006, at 8:21 AM, gerry.charest at agfa.com wrote:

> I have a group of databases that are intended for web access only.  
> I use a plug-in Tori File to do limited file movements on the  
> server based on activities selected by the web user. Everything  
> worked fine under the FMP Five and Six version of the web server, I  
> think this is because the old web server was an actual client and  
> had the files open in an application window. With the New 7 and 8.5  
> Server Advanced running as a service, I can no longer process any  
> scripts from the web that access the Tori File Plug-in. The plug in  
> just returns "?". Processing other scripts is not a problem. Is  
> there something special with the server? have I set something  
> incorrectly at the server level and the plug-in? Any ideas?.
> I'm Using FX PHP to make the calls to the web-enabled FMP Server  
> all other scripts process as expected. I did not want to use PHP to  
> do the file movements for security reasons.
> Best Regards
> Gerry Charest
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