[FX.php List] FM6 & FM8 on same page?

Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Tue Jun 27 16:41:58 MDT 2006

On 27/6/06 9:03 PM, "Steve Winter" <steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz> wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> I've just hacked together a test of this situation, all I did was copied
> code blocks from two different solutions, one which runs on FM7SA, the other
> on FMU6;
>   include_once("assets/fx/fx.php");
>   $groupQuery = new FX('', '80', 'FMPro7');
>   $groupQuery->SetDBData("emGroups", "web");
>   $groupQuery->SetDBUserPass($userName, $password);
>   $groupQuery->AddDBParam('groupID', $_COOKIE['groupID']);
>   $groupData = $groupQuery->FMFind();
>   $groupKey = key($groupData['data']);
>   echo '<pre>';
>   print_r($groupData);
>   echo '</pre>';
>   $locationQuery = new FX('', '591', 'FMPro5/6');
>   $locationQuery->SetDBData("pgItinerary.fp5", "web");
>   $locationQuery->AddDBParam('date', date("d/m/Y"));
>   $locationData = $locationQuery->FMFind();
>   $locationKey = key($locationData['data']);
>   echo '<pre>';
>   print_r($locationData);
>   echo '</pre>';
> And it all works fine...as you can see I've got FM8SA running on one box,
> and FM6U running on another, both on my lan and the above works fine,
> returning the data that I would have expected for both requests...I did
> nothing to FX.php itself...
> What are you specifically having issues with...??
> Cheers
> Steve

Well, passing in the server type for FM like you did [$locationQuery = new
FX('', '591', 'FMPro5/6');] didn't work for me - though I'm
prepared to try it again, as things have changed slightly since I last
tested this. That's left me trying to use two instances of FX, which simply
isn't working, and probably isn't going to at this rate. Let me try your
approach again and I'll report back later in the day.

Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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