[FX.php List] Pasting from Word into textarea doesn't save?

Joel Shapiro jsfmp at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 26 14:23:06 MDT 2005

Hi all

I've got a form with a textarea.  When typing directly into it, all  
is fine.  When pasting text from a Word document, it's not saving.

When I use echo or print_r on my processing page to see what's in the  
field, it displays what I've pasted, but somehow it's not editing my  

More info:

a) This form edits both the parent and children records.  The  
children records do still get edited correctly, but none of the  
parent fields get edited when this textarea contains text pasted from  
Word (all other parent fields are checkboxes).

b) Pasting plain text (e.g. from TextEdit) *does* save correctly, so  
this seems to be something getting copied over from Word.

Are there php commands to strip Word mess? (though I do still want to  
keep entered hard-returns, etc.)

Might there be some errorcode I can trap?  (How would I do this?   
I've only used errorcodes on searches (e.g. $SearchResult 
['errorCode']; )

Any suggestions?


Joel Shapiro - FileMaker Pro Database Design
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joelshapiro at jsfmp dot com

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