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Peter –


Most of the time we (and I think I speak for the majority here) will create
a login script that looks to a user table to log people in and out of the
site with different privileges.


The SetDBPassword is used in the FileMaker queries and so must always be
present. You know you can make this step a little easier by including the
username and password in the server data file and then just passing the
variables to your page too.


The one downside of FileMaker User Accounts and PHP is that we cannot get
the privilege set assigned to that account through the FX query (Chris,
something for you to jump on right now!)


So, maybe you want to think about creating a login that checks the user
table for their username and password and then you can set the rights for
each page from there.


And you are welcome for the previous help.


Andy Gaunt

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Once again a big thanks to Andy, Chris and others that have been kind enough
to help me out with coding. Hopefully I'll stop with these dumb questions
soon and will be able to contribute something back to the list.


Considering that I have to provide the username and password in the "
->SetDBPassword('password','username'); " what do I do when I want either
the access to be completely restricted (can't access the database without
entering a username and password), or partially restricted (full access
until you try accessing an edit page)?


Thanks in advance,


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