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Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Sun Oct 23 18:43:03 MDT 2005

On 24/10/05 9:24 AM, "Peter Bates" <p.bates at sjcpl.org> wrote:

> Kevin,
> Admittedly I'm a newbie at php, but if I coded it like you suggested, then
> either a user will never find anything when searching as there would be no
> records that have "Please select" in any of the fields, or else they will be
> required to always provide a selection in a field(s) when they don't have to.
> Andy's answer works just like I want it to, and it is proper for an empty
> value for database searching. Check out this link to see what I mean:
> http://fmcwp.sjcpl.org/1875atlas/
> Peter Bates
I understand Peter, but the answer to your problem there is to simply have
³Please Select² as text between the <option> tags and leave the value empty
(³²). It¹s the same result as Andy suggests, only easier to read and follow
for the user, and produces valid output.

Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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