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Dale Bengston dbengston at preservationstudio.com
Wed Oct 19 12:09:42 MDT 2005

Yep. Type the first number or two of a zip code and wait...

As Marisa pointed out, AJAX into FMSA is VERY FAST for her real-world  
applications. I would echo that - my time tracking site has to update  
ten records before you can actually see it working. I think one of  
the reasons the proof-of-concept site is dog slow is because of the  
code we adapted that actually draws the drop down. The other reason  
is, the FX call is tied up in the JavaScript instead of being in a  
server-side PHP page called by XMLHttpRequest.

Like I said, I'd wish I had time to re-write this myself... I guess I  
will if one of my clients pays me to do a drop-down.


On Oct 19, 2005, at 10:42 AM, DC wrote:

> you have to wait a few seconds for the "suggest list" to show under  
> the field you are typing in.
> dale did say it was dog slow, but it should also say... "Type the  
> start of a zipcode and wait for the list to appear under the field."
> dan
> Schnoebelen, Stephanie A had written:
>> Dear Dale:
>> You write:
>>> [...]
>> Back in July, Marisa Smith and I cooked up a proof of concept of  
>> using
>> FileMaker data and AJAX to populate a "Google Suggests" type drop- 
>> down
>> menu. You can see it at
>> <http://www.streamline-studio.com/AJAX/index.php>. It's a really  
>> rough
>> page, and it's terribly slow because of where it's getting its FMP  
>> data.
>> But it works. This one is built on the work of others; I wish I  
>> had time
>> to re-do it from scratch. Did I mention it's ugly and slow? Really.
>> Ugly. Slow.
>>> [...]
>> The page says it creates a dropdown list, but all I can see it  
>> doing is
>> mirroring whatever text I type in your field. What am I missing?
>> My current project makes me very interested in Ajax development, and,
>> annoyingly, unable to explore it fully until the project is done. I
>> would be interested in hearing more about any cool things you  
>> discover,
>> though!
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