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Schnoebelen, Stephanie A stephanie-schnoebelen at uiowa.edu
Wed Oct 19 08:14:02 MDT 2005

Dear Dale:

You write: 

> [...]
Back in July, Marisa Smith and I cooked up a proof of concept of using
FileMaker data and AJAX to populate a "Google Suggests" type drop-down
menu. You can see it at
<http://www.streamline-studio.com/AJAX/index.php>. It's a really rough
page, and it's terribly slow because of where it's getting its FMP data.
But it works. This one is built on the work of others; I wish I had time
to re-do it from scratch. Did I mention it's ugly and slow? Really.
Ugly. Slow.
> [...]

The page says it creates a dropdown list, but all I can see it doing is
mirroring whatever text I type in your field. What am I missing?

My current project makes me very interested in Ajax development, and,
annoyingly, unable to explore it fully until the project is done. I
would be interested in hearing more about any cool things you discover,

Stephanie Schnoebelen, Instructional Software Development
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