[FX.php List] Stopping the back button on the browser

Glenn Singleton infocenter at fmp2word.com
Sat Oct 15 16:19:15 MDT 2005

On  Fri, 14 Oct 2005 08:30:16 +1000
Kevin Futter <kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au> said

The simplest way to do this is to simply open the next page in a new  
- it then has no history for the back button to effect. The downside  
is that
this can be confusing for inexpert users and is generally a poor  
practice. However, a "greyed out" back button due to a new window is
probably preferable to one on the existing window that looks  
functional, but
in fact due to scripting, is not.
Thanks Kevin thats an improvement, can you still post a snippet of  
code for the php challenged on how to ensure a new page is opened  
http and https ?

Also is there a smart Javascript, or other way to close the existing  
window before opening the new window ?

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