[FX.php List] Startup problems

Dale Bengston dbengston at preservationstudio.com
Tue Nov 29 10:55:48 MST 2005

Hi Jonathan,

Are using FMP v6 or v7 as your data source?


On Nov 29, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Jonathan Woodard wrote:

> Hi,
> 	So, I'm just getting started working with FX, because my employer  
> wants to migrate some of our web presence from FileMaker's "Lasso"  
> language to the more common, robust, PHP.  I am also new to  
> Filemaker, which may be the source of some of my woes.
> When I try and get my FX object set up to communicate with the  
> database, nothing happens...
> <code>
> 	$dataObject = new FX("" , 80);
> 	$returnedData = $dataObject->FMDBNames();
> 	print_r($returnedData);
> 	echo "=================================================";
> 	print_r($dataObject);
> </code>
> so i added those print_r statements to try and figure out what was  
> up.  (for the $returnedData,) I get an object dump that appears to  
> contain a stacktrace.  The root issue seems to be:
> fx_error Object ( [error_message_prefix] => [mode] => 1 [level] =>  
> 1024 [code] => 100 [message] => FX: cURL could not retrieve Post  
> data in RetrieveFM7Data(). A bad URL is the most likely reason.  
> [userinfo] => [backtrace] =>
> (I can post the backtrace if that would be helpful, but it just  
> runs back to the "FMDBNames" call in the above snippet of code.)
> I have tried with a number of different IPs, the literal IP we use  
> to connect FMPro7 clients to the database, as well as a DNS name of  
> the database server, and this  Unfortunately, the  
> existing Lasso has no indication of a URL anywhere... (which lead  
> me to try this localhost loopback)  Is there some configuration on  
> the FileMaker side I've missed?  What else could this error be  
> indicative of?
> Thanks in advance for any insights on this issue... I guess I'll  
> post this to the forum as well, since the mailing list is new (and  
> I'm not sure how many people are on the mailing list yet)
> Jonathan Woodard
> Web Software Developer
> U of M School of Music
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