[FX.php List] Need Help With A Complex Query, This AND That OR This AND That...

Rich Aber raber at knightprinting.com
Tue Nov 15 07:48:37 MST 2005


Thank you for your insight.
I'm afraid I'm not that advanced with PHP yet,
combining hashes and sorting them
is a little beyond my grasp at the moment,
is that fairly easy to do?


On Nov 14, 2005, at 1:42 PM, Chris Hansen wrote:

> Rich,
> What you're running into is a limitation in the way that FileMaker 
> built their CWP interface.  Basically, they didn't want the various 
> parameters to have to be entered in a specific value, so they limited 
> queries to either 'OR' or 'AND' queries.  Grrr.
> What this means is that in cases where I have to use both logical 
> operators for a single list, I perform multiple FileMaker queries 
> which are as specific as possible, combine the results using PHP, and 
> then perform any needed sorts.  If someone else has a better way of 
> doing this, let me know.  Of course, if you have ODBC set up, keep in 
> mind that the latest version of FX.php supports ODBC with FileMaker, 
> so you could just perform your query via ODBC =)
> HTH  I'm short on time these days, so I won't write more now, but let 
> me know if you need additional details.  Best,
> --Chris Hansen
>   creator of FX.php
>   "The best way from FileMaker to the Web."
>   www.iViking.org

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