[FX.php List] Problems with images (retry)

Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Mon Mar 14 16:15:43 MST 2005

Hi Chris,

All images in the database are in jpeg format. The problem images were
working fine up until recently (not sure when, but I noticed it about a
week-and-a-half ago). The only thing the problem images have in common that
is different from those that are still working (the majority, thankfully),
is that they all date back to May/June last year, when the database was
built. In other words, they're amongst the oldest and earliest entries. As
per my other post, even the problem images work fine when using CDML.

I've no idea how image_proxy works, but could it be a caching issue?
Datestamp problem? Sins of my father revisiting his son?


On 15/3/05 9:54 AM, "Chris Hansen" <chris at iViking.org> wrote:

> Kevin,
> Just curious: in what format are the problem images?  (e.g. tiff, jpeg,
> etc.)  Are there other images of the same type that are behaving
> properly?  Thanks!
> --Chris Hansen
>    creator of FX.php
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Kevin Futter
Webmaster, St. Bernard's College

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