[FX.php List] Slightly confused and need a push, please

Johan Visser bpa.services at zonnet.nl
Thu Jun 9 00:01:42 MDT 2005


I.o. XML formatting the file, did you consider FTP-ing the unaltered usage
file from the Unix machine with FTPit and process it with Troi-File.
That's how I normally process transaction files.

Johan Visser
BPA Services

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Onderwerp: [FX.php List] Slightly confused and need a push, please

Hi All,
   I hope that this is not too much of a simple question.  I may have
gotten myself overly confused enough by going through several books/web
sites  :-P

   Anyway, I have a Unix system that is generating usage statistics.
Each job record is one line of a text file that is produced each day:

30296:050429 at 083449:jsplit

   I have a corresponding FMPRo 7 database that is being hosted by
Server Advanced that I have previously been manually
converting/importing the file into.  What I'd like to do is to set up
an automated job on the Unix system that runs each day's file through a
perl formatting script and then posts it to the server via cURL.

   I've gone through the various FX.php and FMPro7 SA documents and am
really torn as to which is the best way to approach this:

-- convert the file to an XML file and then send it directly to FMPRo7
-- create an FX.php script that takes a request and then it does the
post to FMPro?

   In either case, the difficulty is in how to best get the formatted
data from the Unix system to the right place on the server.  I could
use a 'curl -F filename http://blah/foo.php' but how should I format
the file?

   If there is a website or other RTFM that I should know about, that
would be great.  Otherwise, any pointers on which way I should start
moving would be really helpful.  Thanks!


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