[FX.php List] Trouble working with CRs in text fields

Dave Strickler dstrickler at mailwise.com
Thu Jul 7 18:48:35 MDT 2005

I am reading a good sized (could be 64k) text field from a FM7 database with fx.php, and writing it back to a different table in the same database in FM7. Essentially I am 'moving' a record from one table to another.
When I read the field from the first table, I comes out with the CRLF pairs as ASCII 10, which seems correct. Then I try and write it back to a new record in the second table, and all I see are little 'boxes', like it is trying to display the ASCII 10, but can't.
Since the data is coming from FM7 and back into FM7 with no changes, I am puzzled. 
I have tested on some pretty small text in the field, I can't believe its a buffer overflow. I have the field indexed as UNICODE. 
Any clues? 
Dave Strickler
MailWise LLC
617 267-0044 x810 

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