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Adam Gamble adamgamble at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 13:23:59 MDT 2005


I had this message back in june.

/Here is the problems i'm having I have a layout that contains fields  
from several different tables. I want to create a record in this  
table that also puts values in the fields that have a relationship to  
that table. Even though the data returned back from fx.php shows the  
field LineItem::product when i try to place data in the field it says  
that the field isn't there.

So the question is it possible to create a new record and it also  
create a new record on the tables that have a relationship to the  
original one that is contained in the layout?
I changed the fields to be inside a portal but i'm still get error 102 (Field Missing)

here is my php code:

$fx->AddDBParam('LineItem::ProductName', 'Newsprint 11 x 17'); 
$fx->AddDBParam('LineItem::Pages', '4');
$fx->AddDBParam('ShipMethod', 'Ground');

$ReturnedData = $fx->FMNew();        

It's the LineItem:: ones that mess it up, if I only do the ShipMethod field it works
this is confusing to me. Is :: the way you insert a record through a portal?
Thanks for any help

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