[FX.php List] AddDBParam using or for search

L.M.Loeffel Lynn at turnkeydesign.net
Fri Feb 4 16:53:20 MST 2005

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to your list, just starting to get used to FX.php (or any 
PHP). Through the considerable help of Michael Layne I was able to get 
started with my project (Thanks so much Michael!) but now I need to get 
some small issues worked out (and I hate to keep pestering Michael all 
the time).

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong on this?

I am trying to show results using a "or" not an "and"

I want to write this (I think)

  $query->AddDBParam("-lop", "or");
  $result = $query->FMFind();

However, it tells me "no records found"

The following single search works fine .....

  $result = $query->FMFind();

Do I have something wrong? If so, what  might it be?

If I can figure this out - I have another similar question - but I'll 
work in this first.

Thank you!

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