[FX.php List] [ANN] New Version of FX.php -- "The Best Way from FileMaker to the Web"

Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Tue Aug 30 11:27:00 MDT 2005

[ANN] New Version of FX.php -- "The Best Way from FileMaker to the Web"

August 30, 2005 - DevCon - Announcing version 4.1 of FX.php!  FX.php is 
a free, open-source PHP class that works with FileMaker data via the 

The latest version can be downloaded for free (as always) from:


A large number of people have contributed to FX.php, and recent 
contributions and feedback from the community have helped to make 
version 4 the best FX.php release ever.  Version 4.1 is a maintenance 
release and includes the following changes:

* An updated version of FX Parser by Lance Hallberg.  (Thanks Lance!)

* Added a function to more easily handle globals

* Added a function to more easily add/edit portal rows.

* Fixed a minor bug related to CAFEphp support.  (Thanks to the folks 
at FMWebschool for catching this!)

Please visit the following URL for the complete list of new features:


FX has been around since 2001, and in that time, it's been downloaded 
nearly 20,000 times.

Using PHP to serve your FileMaker data has a number of advantages:
- PHP is free and cross-platform
- Numerous, powerful, and widely varied functions
- Excellent on-line Documentation (see www.php.net/manual/en/)
- Numerous books on the subject
- PHP is fast

For more information on FX, please visit www.iViking.org, and follow 
the link on the front page.  For answers to your questions, send e-mail 
to FX at iViking.org.  A very supportive community has grown around 
FileMaker Pro and FX.php, and this latest release is a tribute to that 
community.  Thanks and enjoy!

--Chris Hansen
   Web Guru

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