[FX.php List] Edit FileMaker portal information - FX.php FindAll information

James Lawson james at lawson.org.uk
Tue Aug 16 06:25:48 MDT 2005

Hi Group

In FileMaker I store a Contacts telephone numbers, email addresses
etc...etc..  in Portals throughout our databases. 

This information can easily be displayed with a FindAll with FX.php, but I'm
also wanting users to able to edit these when logged in over the web, but I
don't know the best way to do it - I see several options:

--a)	write each FileMaker Portal row (i.e. FX.php related Table Record
and Field) to a separate PHP Field in a Form, then upload the changed fields
one at a time via FX.php 
==(thoughts: will mean increasing the edit hits on the database by a factor
of 30 times or more, however each FX.php edit update will be quite simple
for the server)

--b)	writing each portal record to a single Flat Table in FileMaker which
has a field for each Portal row then get FileMaker to keep the two
synchronised and FX.php will only need to call and edit the one Flat Table 
==(thoughts: high maintenance, will essentially have two data stores
constantly synchronising)

--c)	restructure FileMaker database to Flat Tables instead of using
==(thoughts: not really an option - Portal technique fundamental part of

--d)	click to a separate webpage to edit each record that was a Portal
row in FileMaker 
==(thoughts: impractical users will not use the website)

--e) ...open to any suggestions

Any comments more than appreciated - thanks


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