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Jane Chinn Jane.Chinn at cwu.EDU
Wed Apr 27 16:18:16 MDT 2005


I finally had a chance to attempt your instructions and they worked.  I 
have to say I am still pretty confused with issues relating to record 
Id, related fields and all of that and tokens versus passing session 
variables from one db to another.  I think it will begin to make more 
sense in time when trying to find solutions to different problems.


On Apr 20, 2005, at 10:54 AM, DC wrote:

> This is more of a PHP question... you may find better advice on that 
> mailing list.
> also here is the link for the manual page:
> http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.session.php
> look at this function at php.net
> session_start();
> defaults to session off on browser quit.
> to set a session timeout to be 1 hour:
> ini_set("session.cookie_lifetime", 60*60);
> set session var from POST var:
> $_SESSION['variable_name']=$_POST['login'];
> use session variables in an FX.php find like this:
> $query->addDBParam('fieldname', $_SESSION['variable_name'])
> be careful to have a timeout since students often share computers and 
> won't log out of your system even if you tell them to do so after they 
> are done.
> HTH,
> DC
> Jane Chinn had written:
>> Hello,
>> I have Filemaker Server 7 and Filemaker Developer 7.
>> I previously developed a solution with a two related databases in FM6 
>> and CDML.  The first database was for a list of students with last 
>> name and student id (password). Tokens were set to pass the last name 
>> and student ID values to the second database which was a peer 
>> evaluation form with related fields from the login database.  Each 
>> student was to evaluate each of the members in their group.  Each 
>> group member ends up with several records that are evaluations of 
>> individual group members. These can later be searched by the 
>> instructor.
>> I'm thinking to do the conversion using FX.php I would have to 
>> register session variables when doing a find for the student logging 
>> in.  I would then like to have the login session variables pass to  
>> the next page and submit into the evaluation database.  How would I 
>> start a session  for the student name and id with FX.php and have the 
>> session varaibles pass into the second related evaluation database on 
>> the next page which creates a new record.
>> Thanks,
>> Jane
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