[FX.php List] 7 Server Advanced

Micah Desjardins Micah.Desjardins at asu.edu
Fri Oct 29 14:41:49 MDT 2004

I'm having a little bit of difficulty with using the FX class with 7 Server Advanced.

Here's what I can tell you, all of the relevant software is installed on the same machine:
Mac OS X 10.3
Server 7 Advanced
Web Publishing Engine
Apache 1.3.29 (Darwin)
PHP Version 5.0.1 (www.entropy.ch Release 1)

All the files from the FX package are inside a folder called FX which is just inside the WebServer/Documents root folder.

If I use a URL to make a call to the XML engine in filemaker, such as


It returns the data set without a problem, no prompting for passwords or authenticatino (Guest access is turned on for the database)

If I use the following PHP page I get this error message:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type FX_Error as array in WebServer/Documents/test.php on line 24

I realize there must be a problem with my code, but I'm really not sure what I'm doing that is causing said problem.  It looks like it pulls the Query, but then when I try to look at the Query, I get the type errors. 

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Micah DesJardins

-----My Code----
<code> <!--Included for html mail that may parse this file. -->

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


$TestInstance = new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);
$TestResult = $TestInstance->FMFindall(); 
Found Count: <?php echo $TestResult['foundCount']; ?> </br> <!-- This is the line the error is listed as occuring in -->
Error Code: <?php echo $TestResult['errorCode']; ?> </br>

</code> <!--Included for html mail that may parse this file. -->
----End Code

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