[FX.php List] Spawning a related record with FMNew

Dennis Crall dennis-crall at uiowa.edu
Thu Oct 28 15:42:16 MDT 2004


I have two FMP6 files with a simple relationship on a text key. The
relationship is a 1->Many (1 Contact to many Interactions), and I'm working
on the many side. We have a FM interface where the user can enter the date,
the key, and a description of the interaction. If the key is not present in
the Contact db then a new Contact record is spawned. I want to do something
similar with the web interface.

For an FX query, can I populate a related field like Contact::key to spawn a
new record? Or do I need to form a separate query and make a new request on
the other table manually?

Thanks in advance,

Dennis Crall
ITS-Academic Technologies
University of Iowa.

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