[FX.php List] Can we run scripts on filemaker using FX?

Louie Miranda lmiranda at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 00:00:49 MDT 2004

So guys how do we work on this? i have this but it returns a error response.
i have a script TimeStamp, that when access put something on a field.

but never worked.

//$some_query->AddDBParam("-script", "name_of_the_script");

// connect
$query = new FX("", "8080");
$query -> SetDBData("TempDBF.fp5", "AllFields");

$query -> AddDBParam("-script", "TimeStamp");
$query -> AddDBParam('RecordNo', 1);
$data1 = $query->FMFind();

foreach ($data1['data'] as $key => $value){
$currentRecord = strtok($key,'.');

$query -> AddDBParam('-recid', $currentRecord);
$query -> AddDBParam('Description', "WALA");
$data2 = $query->FMEdit();

Louie Miranda

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