[FX.php List] Crashing Filemaker

Dennis Crall dennis-crall at uiowa.edu
Mon Oct 25 12:11:34 MDT 2004


I've created a FX.php script that runs from the command line. What it does
is this:

1. Grabs all records, 215 in all, from the database. The database only
contains 6 text fields, so there's not a lot of information.

2. Iterates over all the records. For each record the script:

    a. Makes an LDAP query.
    b. Updates the record.

    c. Writes the record back to the database.

The script works fine for 2/3 of the records but eventually FileMaker (6.0.3
Developer) crashes. It crashes such that I have to force quit the
application and then recover the database. Unfortunately, I'm left with no
error messages.

It seems like the problem is with FileMaker and not my script. I have been
unable to narrow the problem to a specific record, and the script runs fine
if I narrow the original search. Is this too much load for FMP? Would
Unlimited do better? Are there other pitfalls I should be investigating?

Thank you,

Dennis Crall
ITS-Academic Technologies
University of Iowa

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