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philippe rouleau prouleau at grouped3.com
Thu Oct 21 16:24:58 MDT 2004

I Have a field Called "Project Code" that is on the layout that is defined in PHP ($InstanceName->setDBData('condos_.fp5','Liste de Prix des Condos Copy',100);)  , I have a problem when I want to display it using the following :

echo $InstanceData['Project code'][0];

 I get a message "Notice: Undefined index: Project code in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\form4.php on line 30".

All the other field I'm using are working OK.  I verified that "Project code" is written exactly the same with the small cap on the "c" of code.

Is there a something that I'm missing ?

Here is the total php code 

$color = "blue and VIAU" ;
$color_two=$color ;
echo $color_two ;
$InstanceName=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);

$InstanceName->setDBData('condos_.fp5','Liste de Prix des Condos Copy',100);

$projectcode = "chevalier";
$InstanceName->AddDBParam('project code', $projectcode);

$InstanceResult = $InstanceName->FMFind();
echo $InstanceResult['foundCount'];
echo $InstanceResult['errorCode'];
foreach ($InstanceResult['data'] as $key => $InstanceData)
Condo : 
echo $InstanceData['Condo'][0]; 
Statut : 
echo $InstanceData['Project code'][0];
Prix Vendus : 
echo $InstanceData['Prix Vendu Condo'][0];

Thanks in Advance
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