[FX.php List] problem: FMP in "find" mode after fx search: A password problem !

Softime90 Snc info at softime90.com
Tue Oct 12 08:56:39 MDT 2004

Hi Steve,

>Some questions and thoughts...are you sure there isn't a script running
>anywhere that might be leaving you in find mode...??...I presume that if
>the db stays in find mode that the next request fails...??...

No. I tested fmp alone , without any other client connected to server.
No script at all.
The "find" mode doesn't affect next WebCompanion commands
(seems that web Companion bypass the current FM status),
but of course the "find" mode is not exactly what I would like to have
as default FM status.....

>Ahh, I think I spot your problem...are you using the 'correct' version
>of FX.php, you say you're using FM6 as your data source...??..but it
>looks a bit to me like you're using the latest version of FX.php (I
>think this because of the third parameter in
>   SetDBData($filemaker_db,$filemaker_layout_lista,$select_rows);

I use FX 2.3.1 with Mac OSX FMP 60tv4 (Italian localized version).
and Web Companion is 60v3, but I have same problem with Win client,
Mac OS X client and Mac OS 9 client, and also with FM 5.5
so it's something that is not related to a special FM release.

>The third parameter here is specfic to FM7 (see the FX.php docs for an
>explanation) so if your data source is FM6 you need to do 2 things;
>   1. remove the third parameter from SetDBData
>   2. change you first line to tell FX.php it's talking to FM6
>      $query1 = new FX($ip, $port, 'FMPro5/6');
>(where $ip and $port are whatever the actual variables you're storing
>that info in are)

I added new FX($ip, $port, 'FMPro5/6');
no difference.
I tried also FX 3.0, but the result is the same.

The 3rd parameter, according to FX docs, means:
"how many records FX returns at once". The doc is the 2.3.1 for FM5-6.
I think you were talking about $responselayout (the 4th parameter of 
FX3.0 docs)...

But anyway the problem is here. I went on testing.
If I do a FX "findall" or use as 3rd parameter "All", not only the
result is OK, but FMP stands in the normal "use" mode.
So the problem is related to that 3rd parameter.
But I need it as I need to handle more than 50 records....

>Just some thoughts...let us know how you get on...

Today I finally solved my problem.
It was a problem of.......FMP password !
If the fmp password is different from the password used to start
FMP Client, any search request, different from "findall"
will send FPRO in "find" mode at end of processing.
If the password is the same of FMP anything is fine !

I'll do other tests to see if the problem is related to the password itself
or the users group ( I always have 2 groups: developer and normal user).
I don't know if it's a fmp (web companion) of FX problem.

Thanks for your reply

>  On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 10:12:56 +0200, Softime90 Snc <info at softime90.com>
>  wrote:
>  > Hi to all.
>  > I am just starting to use FX, and have a problem after a FX search.
>  > Everything is done well,(I get the correct data)  but at the end of a
>  > search, my fmpro file (version 6.04)
>  > remains appended in search mode.
>  > Can somebody point me where the mistake is ?
>  > thanks in advance
>  > Andrea
>  >
>  >         $query1=new FX($ip_server_filemaker);
>  >
>  $query1->SetDBData($filemaker_db,$filemaker_layout_lista,$select_rows);
>  >         $query1->SetDBPassword($filemaker_pwd);
>  >
>  >         // search on codProv
>  >
>  >         $query1->AddDBParam('codProv','RA','eq');
>  >
>  >         $query1->AddSortParam('field1');
>  >         $query1->AddSortParam('field2','descend');
>  >         $query1->FMSkipRecords($select_offset);
>  >         $ReturnedData=$query1->FMFind();
>  >
>  > $ReturnedData has the correct data
>  >
>  > fmpro is still in "search" mode (not in "use" mode)
>  >
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