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Ben Rollins ben at eldertreks.com
Fri Oct 8 15:16:57 MDT 2004

Hey Steve,

Thanks for that - it's really helpful, and when I get a moment, I'll fully
read and digest. At the moment, I'm trying to complete a site in the next
week, while preparing to pretty much move to Australia, so quick and dirty
it is at the moment. I just threw a second results page in there to handle
that specific case, and then the search form on that page takes them to
the "real" results page in case they need to do any more detailed

Here's a question though, which might help me address my linkNext issue:
does linkNext use a $_GET or $_POST request by default? Nothing I've tried
works, and I'm at the point where I'm ready to let users get 70 or 80
results on a page so I can move on...

Cheers, and thanks again...

Oh - on your list question: sometimes the reply-to is set as the personal
address - I think it might be due to vagaries of mail clients. You can
always manually address to the list address, though, and that should work.
Your replies seem to show up on my edition of the archives...

"FX.php Discussion List" <fx.php_list at mail.iviking.org> writes:
>Hey Ben,
>> Thanks, that works well _except_  - there's already a $_post data for
>> that field on that page because it is the general search results page, 
>> has a form on it that returns to itself - uses $_POST data to refer to
>> existing queries, set up form elements etc etc. 
>Okay there are a couple of ways to get around this...
>> I feel like some of the stuff I'm doing is reasonably OK, and the rest
>> is utterly clueless! ;-)
>You'll be amazed at how quickly the shift moves towards the 'reasonably 
>OK' and away from the 'utterly clueless'...fear not and carry on, I'm in 
>the process of moving an FM web based system I developed in 2000 from 
>CDML to using FX.php and when I look at the stuff I wrote 4 years ago 
>I'm amazed at how much I've learnt... ;-)
>> I will have to set up two searches, I guess, and test for isset
>> ($_POST) or isset ($_REQUEST) to display different result sets? Is 
>> that how you'd go about it?
>That would be option one, only you'd need to use $_POST and $_GET.
>The other option would be to include an additional variable in post or 
>your get and then branch on your results page.  
>Particularly when I'm dealing with bookings on one website I work on, I 
>have the one page that things are posted to, then pass a variable I 
>call 'action' along with all the other data, that way I can get the one 
>page to handle new bookings, edits, cancelations, reprints of the 
>confirmation letter (and because I never delete anything it's even 
>possible to 'un-cancel' a booking)...
>So sometimes you get to the page via a get eg;
>  http://server/booking/bookingDetails.php?record=3333&action=reprint
>So that way the bookingDetails.php page kow that all it has to do is 
>search the correct db, and display the confirmation letter...
>On one form I have all the details, then a collection of buttons at the 
>bottom, each of which defines the value of 'action' as the form is 
>submitted etc...
>Following this method on bookingsDetails.php I then have;
>if($_REQUEST['action'] == 'reprint') {
>  do this stuff }
>if($_REQUEST['action'] == 'edit') {
>  do this stuff }
>if($_REQUEST['action'] == 'cancel') {
>  do this stuff }
>(note I'd suggest you start by checking isset($_REQUEST['action']) and 
>if not then display some error message, or the default search page or 
>whatever you want...
>etc etc...note that $_REQUEST is used if your page should be accepting 
>either a get or a post, and in fact you can always determine which it 
>was (get or post) and use that info to decide what to do...
>> Maybe I'll just set up a second results page from the map using a
>> different search for the time being - inefficient, but I'm under the
>> hammer to get a project done - I'll clean it up later on...
>Your $_GET/$_POST suggestion above will be just as effective, 
>and 'cleaner' if time's of concern...
>Best of luck
>> Thanks!
>> >
>> >Ben,
>> >
>> >Sure there is :-)
>> >
>> >Here's a quick pseudo version of it, I'm writing this off the top of
>> my
>> >head so don't promise it'll work exactly as I write here...On your map
>> >you'd create a link
>> >
>> >http://server/results.php?region=thisRegion
>> >
>> >then on results.php you'd out something like;
>> >
>> >
>> >  $thisSearch = new FX($serverIP, $portNumber);
>> >  $thisSearch -> SetDBData('yourDatabase', 'layout');
>> >  $thisSearch -> AddDBParam('region', $_REQUEST['region']);
>> >  $returnedData = $thisSearch -> FMFind();
>> >
>> >now the array $returnedData will contain all of the records from your
>> >search...
>> >
>> >Hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more help...
>> >
>> >Cheers
>> >Steve
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