[FX.php List] FMSA7 & @ character

Steve Winter steve at bluecrocodile.co.nz
Fri Oct 8 15:14:09 MDT 2004


If "==some at some.com" works directly in FMD7 then try;

  $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","==some at some.com");

which if the email is in a variable (or post array) becomes;

  $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","==". $someEmail);

In some cases I've found that when using adding the '==' to the start of 
a search as above you need to add the third parameter 'bw' to give;

  $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","==". $someEmail, 'bw');

(Note I've not tested this, I'm sitting in an airport lounge waiting for 
a plane and writing this off the top of my head...let us know how you 
get on)


> Does any one know how to search for record that contains "@" in field
> content?
> In example:
> $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","some at some.com");
> or
> $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","some at some.com","eq");
> or
> $db->AddDBParam("SomeEmail","some at some.com","cn");
> does not work, even if you try search from FMD7 for "=some at some.com".
> What
> works from FMD7 is "==some at some.com", but I don't see equivalent for
> CWP :(.
> Thanks,
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