[FX.php List] Passing a direct link

Ben Rollins ben at eldertreks.com
Fri Oct 8 08:42:01 MDT 2004

Hey Steve,

Thanks, that works well _except_  - there's already a $_post data for that
field on that page because it is the general search results page, has a
form on it that returns to itself - uses $_POST data to refer to existing
queries, set up form elements etc etc. 

I feel like some of the stuff I'm doing is reasonably OK, and the rest is
utterly clueless! ;-)

I will have to set up two searches, I guess, and test for isset ($_POST)
or isset ($_REQUEST) to display different result sets? Is that how you'd
go about it?

Maybe I'll just set up a second results page from the map using a
different search for the time being - inefficient, but I'm under the
hammer to get a project done - I'll clean it up later on...


>Sure there is :-)
>Here's a quick pseudo version of it, I'm writing this off the top of my
>head so don't promise it'll work exactly as I write here...On your map
>you'd create a link
>then on results.php you'd out something like;
>  $thisSearch = new FX($serverIP, $portNumber);
>  $thisSearch -> SetDBData('yourDatabase', 'layout');
>  $thisSearch -> AddDBParam('region', $_REQUEST['region']);
>  $returnedData = $thisSearch -> FMFind();
>now the array $returnedData will contain all of the records from your
>Hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more help...

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