[FX.php List] Problems with new version.

Milos Vukotic milos at mcservices.com
Thu Oct 7 10:28:56 MDT 2004

1) Check first is your DB on the web. If not get it done first.
2) put as the first line in your php script, before including FX.php:
<?     define("DEBUG",1);
Then when you try to do something with FX.php you'll see the actual URL 
which is used to access FMP7 database.
Cut & Paste it in the browser's "Address bar" (or what ever is called), 
and see what you are getting.

Milos Vukotic
Software Engineer
MC Services

Fran Armendariz wrote:

>   I am trying to get FX/PHP working with FileMaker 7 server advanced. 
>   But I continue to get the message no record found, I think I am not making the connection to my DB.
>   But I read this today, “Are you aware that FMP7 does not work with FX.php?”
> But Steve added, “Anyway, if I use an older version of FX it works fine,
>➢ when I use the newer version I get no response,” 
>  Is it possible to get an older version of FX to see if that will help my problem? 
>  On the web site http://www.iviking.org/ I don’t have an option to download an older version. 
>Thank you!
>Fran Armendariz
>Fran Armendariz
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